ALL Women Need Support.

In my blogs thus far, I have been overtly supporting women and the choices they make. However, I believe that being a supporter of women includes supporting all kinds of women, not just your kind. Right now, transgender women need a voice more than ever. It’s time for women to support transgender women like they would cisgender women.

This week, the Trump administration seemingly announced that it would be changing the Obama administration’s policy on the use of restrooms in public schools. The Obama administration had allowed students to use the bathrooms that correspond to their gender identity, rather than their biological sex or face a loss of funding under Title IX.

Opponents of the Obama policy often cite worries of privacy and concern that young women will be in harm’s way. This is just nonsense.

(Disclaimer: I have used this argument in a blog post from last semester but it is 1. still true and 2. ridiculous that I still have to say this.)

Speaking purely logistically, if you have female genitalia, there is no possible way for you to use the urinals located in men’s bathrooms. If you are physically unable to use a urinal, you can head straight to the stalls also located in men’s bathrooms to relieve yourself. On the other hand, women’s restrooms don’t have urinals. So again, logistically, no matter what genitalia you have, your only option in women’s restrooms are to use one of the stalls to relieve yourself. I’m not sure where the privacy issue is, probably because there isn’t one at all.

Further, any man could just walk into a women’s bathroom now as it is. Or any woman could walk into a men’s bathroom. There are no bathroom attendants checking your birth certificate at the door to make sure this is the bathroom you should be using. There are no safeguards in place to protect “our daughters” in public restrooms so parents and anti-trans people should stop using this as a guise to hide what the real problem is: transphobia.

First, top using women and little girls as an excuse to condone discrimination and as a way to validate your concerns. You aren’t concerned with my well being. If you were you’d be making different policy decisions. Now you’re so concerned with my well being because you think the transgender community is made up of pedophiles and rapists? How about the white rapists like Brock Turner whose father complains his life is so bad that he doesn’t eat his favorite dinner anymore? How about the women who are raped and are too afraid to come forward because they will be ridiculed for what they did/didn’t do, what they drank or what they wore. How about the colleges and universities that sweep rape accusations under the rug because they care more about an image than protecting me. Try again. How about protecting the transgender community which needs protection FROM YOU. NOT the other way around. The transgender community faces more stranger violence, dating violence, rape, etc. than any other group. Where is your concern for their well being? You have none. Don’t try and tell me you care about the kids because you don’t give a damn about the amount of transgender youth taking their own lives because of “bathroom bills” and heartless, sellout politicians who use policies to beat the transgender community into silence and submission.

For Betsy DeVos to sit on stage at a conference spewing her favorite line, “it’s best left up to the states,” is absolutely disgusting. HOW is this best left up to the states? How on Earth can you reason that protections for a marginalized group are best left up to the states? Some states will have high rates of suicide for young, transgender youth and some won’t. Some states will be good to transgender students and some won’t. If parents don’t like the way their children are being treated, they can just pick up their lives and move to a trans-friendly state. ARE. YOU. FUCKING. KIDDING. ME.

Conservatives are all for “small government” and “less regulations” but you are literally trying to regulate where someone can take a shit. And that is one of the  most intrusive government actions I can think of.


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