Way To Go, Texas

This past week, Conservatives everywhere had their minds blown when Mack Begg’s won the state championship for the his Texas high school. What was it that caused so much commotion? His other-worldly skills? His underdog win? Nope. Mack Beggs dominated the news cycle because he is a transgender male who won the state championship wrestling against high school girls.

Beggs has publicly identified as male since 2012 and has been taking testosterone for his transition since 2015. So why is he required to wrestle girls? Because Texas schools voted overwhelmingly to require students to wrestle against competitors that have the same sex on their birth certificate. Texas doesn’t really have a great record when it comes to not alienating anyone who isn’t a cisgender, white, male so really I’m not surprised.

The problem here is that Mack would rather wrestle guys. He’s explicitly stated so. But he can’t because superintendents that have absolutely no foresight or regard for their students made a stupid policy and now they have to deal with it.

Parents of the girls Mack has wrestled against voiced displeasure in having him competing against girls. They cite the fact that he has been taking testosterone for over a year as an unfair advantage. Oddly enough, the ones that didn’t seem to have much of an issue with the situation were the girls that were competing against Mack.

It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes of reading Facebook comments to realize how cold, bigoted and not accepting the world is. I read some truly disgusting things written by some truly disgusting people on Facebook.

Schools, legislators, secretaries of education, are all so ignorant to the issues they cause when they let their personal beliefs (no matter how bigoted or disgusting they may be) seep into their jobs. The superintendent of Mack’s school must’ve known they had a transgender male attending and must have known that this particular rule would cause some uproar. By this point, Mack had been “out” for four years. The superintendent failed his student. The school district failed its student. And it’s naive to think that this is an isolated incident.

Schools around the country are failing their transgender students. They are alienating this marginalized group of kids who are having a hard enough time as it is. Legislators are so quick to regulate based on some sort of skewed morality that they forget the very real consequences that come along with these decisions.

Whether it be about bathrooms or wrestling, legislators need to have a very real and very logical conversation about transgender issues. One without hatred and without letting their biases get in the way of their judgement. Transgender individuals aren’t some new development and ignoring the transgender community’s  needs and basic humanity will not make them go away.

An innocent kid that just wanted to wrestle and wanted to compete got caught up in Conservatives pandering to their bigoted “Christian” base and making rules that are unnecessary. All the controversy could have been avoided if the people who are in the position to make policies would have the decency to actually use their brains, and not their wallets, to make decisions like this one.


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