Blog Audit

As I read through my past posts, one thing comes to mind: God, it sucks to live in a country that gives me so much material.

I found last semester, sometimes I was struggling to find a topic to blog about for the week. Sometimes it ended up being about something that I wasn’t entirely passionate about. But, this semester, I seem to be handed blogs that practically write themselves. As a woman, I am very concerned with the rights of women under this new “leadership,” but every other human being should be concerned with women’s rights, too. The sad part is, they aren’t.

As for the style of writing, I don’t think much has changed. I consider myself to be a rather strong writer and I believe I have found a style that works for me. I generally enjoy writing when I have something that I feel needs to be said, and there has been no shortage of that in the past weeks.

My favorite part about keeping this blog, is that it gives me a place to vent all my frustrations. I don’t have to censor how I feel as I may have to on social media. It’s almost therapeutic to me.


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