Sick Of It

I am absolutely sick to death of male politicians and their disregard for women, the value of women and women’s rights in this county.

When I have to read a study where 52% of men think that they have never benefited from women having access to affordable birth control, I have to ask myself is more than half of the male population really that daft? Were half of the male population in American born without functioning brains? You know what I’ve never personally benefited from? Prostate exams. Viagra. I haven’t personally had cancer, but I’ve focused a major portion of my college career on raising money for the American Cancer Society. And, you know what, every man that has ever come in contact with me has benefited from me having access to affordable birth control. How?  I would not be able to be a productive, regular member of society without my birth control. That is not an exaggeration.That is not fake. It is very real for me, and many other women, too.

I also saw a video this week where a Republican representative actually said that rape was part of “God’s plan.” Do I need to say anything here? Do I actually need to explain how outrageous it is that someone who is supposed to represent the people of America can actually rationalize one of the most degrading, personal, humiliating attacks as a “plan” by their made-up supreme being? Seriously? And we sit here and wonder why women don’t report rapes and we pretend to be in awe when someone gets a slap on the wrist for raping a woman behind a dumpster, but this is what people think. This is what the people who make the laws and are supposed to hold our best interests think.

I saw a representative joking about women losing access to mammograms. Joking about women having access to cancer screening that could save their life. Are women’s lives just a fucking joke to you? Am I just a joke? Is half of America just a joke to you? Your wife? Your mother? Your daughter? A JOKE?

Not to mention the constant attacks on Planned Parenthood by wealthy Republican men who don’t know the first thing about what it is like to be a women and don’t know the first thing about what it is like to be poor. Keep condemning and belittling the most vulnerable among us from your summer house in the Hamptons.

I’m supposed to believe that a table full of Republican, white, straight, cisgender men are going to have my best interests at heart when making healthcare decisions? Is that supposed to comforting in any way to me? It’s fucking ridiculous.

I am sick of going online every day to see that myself and my fellow women are under attack and that the leadership and government aren’t willing to do anything about it. They don’t give a fuck. They do not care. They want to hide behind their office doors and lay on the ground in the fetal position rocking themselves back and forth while repeating, “women don’t matter… women don’t matter… women are incapable… women should be in the home.” Bullshit.

I am the conservative man’s worst nightmare.  I am not an incubator for you. I’m not your baby-maker, so if you want to be a father, keep walking. It’s not going to happen. I don’t want your last name; you can keep it. In fact, if your end-goal is to have someone sign a contract legally binding them to you as a wife, I’m not that person; keep moving. You think I’m one to sit down and shut up. That’s funny. You think I don’t have the drive or the ambition to take on the boys’ club? You thought wrong my friend.

If being forceful, ambitious, empowered, confident, passionate, persistent and perfectly capable is me somehow being a “bitch,” then get me a t-shirt with “bitch” in big letters across the front. I’ll wear it with pride. It’ll go great with my “nasty woman” shirt.

If I have to walk into the lion’s den and flip the system and be the “bitch” powerful women are seen to be just so that my niece can have every opportunity and never feel like she is a second class citizen, I have thick enough skin to do that.

Everyone has a little bit of “I want to change the world” in them. Some (read: me) have a lot in them and want to turn the world on its head.

Watch out, Washington.


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