Pence Sucks

Mike Pence is in my nerves as of late, which is no surprise.

The anti-woman, anti-gay, holier than thou VP made it known how he really feels.

A report came out recently on Pence and his “commitment” to his wife. The report said that the Vice President refuses to go out to dinner with any woman who is not his wife. It also stated that he does not attend events with alcohol unless his wife is also attending.

He was praised as a “true man” by conservatives on social media. But I was left gagging at the thought that this policy is something good and something to aspire to recreate in one’s own romantic relationship.

The issue of women having zero access to Pence without the presence of his wife is troubling. How can a woman advance her career and move up the proverbial ladder if her superior/boss is unwilling to meet with her for lunch? Isn’t that the standard way to get an “in” with your boss? Grab a beer and a burger during lunch hour and develop a respect and understanding of one another? Isn’t the standard setting for deal making in a back corner booth of a restaurant with a glass of wine?

People that offer the suggestion that a male boss and female worker could go to a coffee house or have meetings in the break room are missing major points.

The first one being, by allowing men to grab burgers and beers with you, you are giving those men an advantage. By living by this made up moral code where men are acceptable company and women are not, you are dividing people into separate spheres. When it comes time to give a promotion or make deals with someone, who are you more likely to pick? The guy that you grab a beer with and talk about the game last night? The guy whom you know all about his wife and kids? Or the woman who you know nothing about? The woman whom you think is quiet and impersonal only because you had never given her a chance? Regardless of performance and capabilities, the fact that one candidate has a rapport with the superior and one has been unable to establish one in the same manner, the man wins.  This kind of policy only expands the good ole boys club that government is.

Also, how is it impossible to separate a woman from her sexuality? Sure, women are sexual beings and have desires, but how is it so threatening to men that they need be segregated from common office antics? Is it that Mike Pence believes all women are vixens? Is it that Mike Pence thinks all women seduce powerful men and get them into bed to advance their careers? Does he believe this is the only way women gain power in politics? Is he just a dog that can’t keep his dick in his pants after a beer? Each and every one of these possibilities are troubling and frankly disgusting.

(On a side note, the “all women want to have sexual relations with me” narrative sounds an awful lot like the anti-homosexual rhetoric that comes up. You know the kind that assumes that every gay man is a threat to men and that homosexual men just want to get it on with every man they see. False.)

My other problem comes with the idea that Mike Pence is a crazy, uncontrollable, horny man that can’t have a drink without almost cheating on his wife. Is that the kind of man he is?

Does this go the other way, too? Is Karen Pence a sexual vixen who puts the moves on all the guys at the parties after one glass of wine? Does Karen Pence refuse to develop professional relationships with the men she works with?

Does this not seem controlling and borderline abusive to anyone other than me?!

It’s also just laughable because if my boyfriend were to tell me that I couldn’t grab lunch with my guy friends, that I had to stay away from parties unless he was going with me, that I couldn’t be trusted, he wouldn’t be my boyfriend anymore; that’s for sure.

In conclusion, your controlling relationship that you pass off as “respect” and “love” is a lame excuse to continue sexist stereotypes and cut out capable people before they even know they’ve lost out on the chance for a promotion.


2 thoughts on “Pence Sucks

  1. Thank you for articulating all the problems with Pence’s rule. I might want to show this if I get in a conversation with my more pence friendly people because you so clearly point out one of the problems with him.


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