Ivanka Trump Is NOT Your Champion (a make-up post)

Somewhere along the way, in the craziness of the most ridiculous election (and now current history) in America, someone got the idea that Ivanka Trump would be a champion for women; she would be a voice of reason; she would keep her father in line and stop him from doing crazy things.

Well, the truth of the matter is, she’s been failing miserably at this job.

I don’t know how this “Ivanka, the voice of reason,” “Ivanka the moderator,” persona came to light, but it is highly misplaced. Is it because she lived in New York City? Is it because she’s young-ish? Is it because she speaks like a kindergarten teacher? I don’t know where this idea that she was a liberal in hiding came from. And, somehow, we can’t shake that pipe-dream.

She was paraded around like a show pony during the campaign. “Look, Trump hires women in his businesses. Ivanka is proof! If he hated women, she wouldn’t be there!” She’s his fucking daughter? If my dad owned a business, whether it be a real estate business of a small town coffee shop, I would hope he would hire me! How does this correlate to his respect for women? It only shows his affinity for his own flesh and blood.

Ivanka was paraded around during the campaign and in the wave of antisemitism. Her and her family was used as a prop during her father’s press conference. They were nothing but token Jewish people. It was the equivalent of, “I talked to a black person once so that means I’m not racist.” Just because your daughter and her family are Jewish, doesn’t mean you don’t hate Jewish people.

After all, wasn’t there a ground-breaking discovery a few years ago that said Hitler’s wife may have been Jewish?

Her botched Cosmopolitan interview is a prime example. She had the opportunity to show what and who she stands for. When she was asked about maternity leave and paid maternity leave for working women, she missed a major opportunity. She made it clear that she wants paid leave for women who have physically given birth to a child. Further, she states that it is made “to benefit the mother who has given birth to the child if they have legal married status under the tax code.”

Am I missing something here or are we leaving tons of kids out the equation? Where is the protections for couples, heterosexual or homosexual, that adopted children? Where is the paid leave for couples who could not conceive on their own and decided to pursue a surrogate? Where is the paid leave for unmarried couples who have children? What? Bonding and nurturing and adjusting for these kids don’t matter because they don’t fit in the perfect, “traditional” family picture?

She had the chance to stand up for gay men who adopt babies, gay women who adopt babies, heterosexual people who adopt babies, babies born out of wedlock, single mothers, single fathers, etc. and chose not to. Laughable.

What’s that saying? “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree?”

She also had the chance to go against her father and the nonsense he spews out of his mouth. When the interviewer asked about the comments Donald made regarding pregnancy being an inconvenience, Ivanka did what she does best: nothing. She claimed that she doesn’t know about the validity of that quote and that there’s negativity on the part of the interviewer and gave some lame excuse to end the interview.

Then, there’s her interview with Gayle King where she completely makes up definitions for the word “complicit” and pretends like she’s saving the world behind the scenes. She tells us just to trust her and believe that she’s whispering sweet nothings in her father’s ears at night to try and convince him to change his stances. But, in the same interview, she says that he was elected to implement his policies, not hers. What is it honey? You can’t have it both ways.

Then there’s the issues of her wining and dining Xi Jingping and mysteriously getting Chinese patents? And Kellyanne Conway giving her clothing line a free commercial while on a network news show…. I’m not even going to get into that right now.

I’m sick and tired of Ivanka Trump being praised when she says one moderately normal statement to the press. Just because she isn’t spewing racism and hatred doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel the same way that her father does. Until she proves that she truly cares about women’s issues (for real, not just pretending), or the LGBTQIA community, or minorities, or anyone who isn’t related to her… I’ll think she’s a shitty person.


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